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Astrological Predictions For Usa For July 2014

Dr A.P.Rao, Mrs Radhika Prasad K & Dr S. Venkat

Till 2014-07-03
USA will take bold and contrarian decisions on matters pertaining to on-going Middle East crisis and Civil war. There may be fire related accidents including shooting incidents. Marines may come under attack and there may be some severe causalities. There may be disagreements and disputes with neighbouring and friendly countries on matters related to offering support to war-torn countries (Middle East, Russia-Ukraine) and USA’s defence deals with some selected countries.

From 2014-07-03 - 2014-07-09
There will be some improvement in real-estate and auto markets. Luxury cars sales, consumer durables sales will see an uptick. Consumer confidence will increase and major businesses will do well.

From 2014-07-09 - 2014-07-11
This is a good period for mutual funds industry. Money inflow into stock markets will increase. Government pension funds will see healthy returns from some of its past investments. Government will do its best to improve the economic and investment climate, especially by keeping the monetary easing policy more or less unchanged from the present levels.

From 2014-07-11 - 2014-07-14
Obamacare bill will garner lot of support and backing from congressmen and representatives. Government will continue with its present monetary policies and possibly increase interest rates. The bond and debt market will start to do well. Credit growth for banks will see an upsurge due to improving business climate and consumer confidence.

From 2014-07-14 - 2014-07-16
There may be fire related accidents involving shooting incidents. There may be loss of lives of Marines posted abroad. USA involving directly or indirectly in Iraq can’t be ruled out. Insurance industry will show marginal growth. Some anticipated defence deals may be delayed and criticized.

From 2014-07-16 till 2014-07-21
Key dignitaries will undertake long-trips on diplomatic missions. Exports will keep improving. Oil & gas exploration will progress well. There may be some fluctuations in the real-estate markets.

From 2014-07-21 till 2014-07-25
Government will raise money by issuing bonds and its credit ratings will remain unscathed. Fed’s monetary policy will be appreciated. Banking industry will see good growth. Hospital and health care businesses will do well. Gold prices may marginally improve.

From 2014-07-25 - 2014-07-31
Important foreign trips undertaken by diplomatic officials may not yield intended results. Immigration bill will face a lot of resistance from the Senate. There may be few air related accidents, albeit minor ones. Mining and metals industry will see a slow to no growth during this month.

- Dr A.P.Rao, Mrs Radhika Prasad K & Dr S. Venkat