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Astrological Predictions For Usa For August 2014

Dr A.P.Rao, Mrs Radhika Prasad K & Dr S. Venkat

Till 2014-08-03
U.S. Congress may remain undecided and postpone important decisions related to debt policy, and, foreign policies such as renewed military support to Iraq government, addressing Israel-Palestine conflict (etc.). Real-estate market may show some signs of slow-down. Health-care spending obligations of government will increase.

From 2014-08-03 till 2014-08-05
President may favour renewed US military support to Iraq and Ukraine leading to escalated tensions in the on-going Middle-East crisis and Russia-Ukraine stand-off. There may be shooting incidents / fire accidents though casualties may be minimal. US may sign high-level defence deals with some partner countries.

From 2014-08-05 till 2014-08-09
Real-estate markets will show signs of slow-down and there may be opposition against tapering policy. The bond and debt market will see some fluctuations. Credit growth for banks will see an upsurge. Unchecked illegal immigration in to USA through Mexican border will get serious media attention and thus create some ruckus in the House of Representatives and Congress.

From 2014-08-09 till 2014-08-13
Government will increase funding for Research & Development. Some important discovery/invention in the field of science and/or medicine may be announced during this period. USA will continue to stand out as the best destination for high-education in the world. Many key decisions will be taken in a bi-partisan manner during this period in the US congress. Key dignitaries will undertake long-trips on diplomatic missions.

From 2014-08-13 till 2014-08-18
Defence, mining, steel, and other manufacturing sector will do very well during this period. New shale gas discoveries could be announced during this month. Some key Government official may possibly meet with an accident during this period.

From 2014-08-18 till 2014-08-23
Banking sector will do well. Mutual funds and insurance industry sector will see uptick in their businesses. Government’s diplomacy will be at its best in tackling many on-going crisis across middle east and Europe.

From 2014-08-23 till 2014-08-25
Government expenses may increase on account of increase in defence related spending in the Middle-East and Afghanistan. Minor fire accidents and military deaths may not be ruled out during this month.

From 2014-08-25 till 2014-08-30
Media and entertainment industry will do well. Tourism industry will show good signs of improvement. There may be some new break-through in medical field during this period. Auto sales will see and uptick during this period and auto-loans market will be vibrant. Food and beverages, cosmetics industry will do well.

From 2014-08-30 till 2014-08-31
There may be uptick in employment data and thus giving lot of relief to government related to economic progress. President may undertake long-trips during this period on diplomatic missions. President will convince and have the backing of congress on certain key military and sanctioning decisions that he would take this month. Citizen’s confidence on governance and government policies will increase.

- Dr A.P.Rao, Mrs Radhika Prasad K & Dr S. Venkat