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Astrological Predictions For Usa For September 2014

Dr A.P.Rao, Mrs Radhika Prasad K & Dr S. Venkat

Till 2014-09-02
There will be gains in the finances of the country. The markets will gain in most of the sectors. Partners and their colloborators will support the country and will boost its economy. IPOs may be contemplated in a big way. Some good break through will come in some high technology sectors.

From 2014-09-02 - 2014-09-07
The state policy may be sabotaged in many ways by enemies and opponents both within and outside the country. Water borne diseases may take prominence. Markets may be lowered becoming bearish. Dollar value will fall against many currencies. Unemployment numbers will rise in many sectors. Some semifriendly governments may fall.

From 2014-09-07 - 2014-09-12
The school going children will have something special to celebrate. Some good policies will be adopted about good schooling and education. Markets will rise due to the exports gaining. Dollar value will increase. There may be some minor violence in schools and educational institutions.

From 2014-09-12 - 2014-09-14
The rise agricultural produce will boost the economy. All stocks connected with agriculture natural produce dairy and minerals will rise. There will be major points of help regarding petroleum products to consumers. Finanacial markets will be bullish.

From 2014-09-14 - 2014-09-19
Governmental policies will gain support from all sections . This will boost the economy and markets will fare very well. Educational institutions and universities will stand to gain in quality and quantity of performance. Arts will gain to a very great extent and some prominent artists will be rewarded.

From 2014-09-19 - 2014-09-21
This is a very good period for government in all sectors. Their appointees will perform very well and gain accolade. Many governements which are fence will support thegoctl policies. Finanancial markets will gain and dollar exchange will gain.

From 2014-09-21 - 2014-09-24
This is not good period – there may be accidents and natural disasters in water related areas. There may be even naval events and sabotage related to water borne vehicles. Water diasters and water borne diseases may gain and make people suffer. Accordingly finances and markets will suffer.

From 2014-09-24 - 2014-09-26
This is a period of disasters and accidents – both natural and manmade. This will be more so in transport sector. Many vehicles may involve in disasters and recalling of the vehicles for rectification of mistakes. Hence the markets will be bearish and so also will be finances.

From 2014-09-26 - 2014-10-01
Again this is semi average period with more amount of problems than gains. Natural and unfriendly acts will make for disasters. Some friendly governents may face big problems and challenges. Still the finances and markets will be stable without much change.


- Dr A.P.Rao, Mrs Radhika Prasad K & Dr S. Venkat