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Astrological Predictions For Usa For April 2014

Dr A.P.Rao, Mrs Radhika Prasad K & Dr S. Venkat

Till 2014-04-02
There may be differences of opinion on foreign policy matters. There may be further misunderstandings with Gulf countries and differences of opinion on foreign policy matters. The cold-war like situation with Russia may sustain. Public debt will raise and bond yields may increase. There may be seasonal flu outbreak during this period. The markets will be bearish. The dollar value will also fall.

From 2014-04-02 till 2014-04-07
Government spending on R&D and education will improve. Relationship with key military allies will strengthen further and new strategic alliances may develop. Entertainment and media industry will do well.Partnnerships will flourish and understanding with them will increase. Some agreements may be signed. The markets will rise and especially in IT and financial sectors.

From 2014-04-07 till 2014-04-08
President and Government’s popularity will rise. Some key policy decisions will taken during this period. Stock markets may do relatively well during this period. Jobs data will be positive and economic growth will sustain. Markets will be bullish and dollar exchange value will rise.

From 2014-04-08 till 2014-04-10
Government and congress may have differences of opinion on key policy issues related national (debt, health-care, interest rates) and international affairs, thus delaying the decision making process. There may be delays and/or cancellation of important foreign trips to be undertaken by Government dignitaries. There may be few accidents, related to water or fire, in the country. Key judiciary officials may suffer from ill health and rulings on important cases may get delayed.

From 2014-04-10 till 2014-04-12
There may be increase in military expenditure. Key military decisions will be postponed. A key military official may fall ill and hospitalized. There may be casualties in military bases. Real-estate market may also show signs of slow-down. Markets and investments will boom. Exchane markets will be bullish.

From 2014-04-12 till 2014-04-17
Export sector will do well. Dollar will strengthen against other currencies. Some foreign government high-level dignitaries will be visiting USA during this period. There may losses in share markets and key investment sectors. Diseases will increase - specially water bor diseases. There may be big accidents in water related activities and navy. Natural conditions like cyclones floods also may create havoc.

From 2014-04-17 till 2014-04-21
Research and education sector will do well but incur heavy expenditure. Some of it may look like a big waste. . Economic growth will continue to be on track and tax revenues will increase. Government may use its diplomatic channels to diffuse war like situations in the middle-east and Russia-Ukraine. Finances will sisuffer in short term. SO also financial markets.

From 2014-04-21 - 2014-04-25
Mining, oil and gas and manufacturing sectors may not show growth as expected. Relations with neighbouring countries will be under stress. Key government official may suffer from ill health. Congress may borrow more time and post-pone key policy decisions. Man made and natural hazards may increase and may need full attention of govt.

From 2014-04-25 till 2014-04-30
This is a relatively good period. Automobile and financial markets will improve. Media and communications sector will also do well. Government treasury position will show improvement. Business and investment atmosphere and climate will improve. Health issues will be prominent both for key govt officials and relationship with important partners.

- Dr A.P.Rao, Mrs Radhika Prasad K & Dr S. Venkat