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Time for Hindus to come out of slumber says Dr.Subramanian Swamy

"At NRI Press Club: Standing, L to R: P Yalamanchi, M Patel, N Kapoor,A Easwaran,
R Soparawala.Seated, L to R: (Guest Journalist from IndiaT. Patel),
S Ullal, S Swamy, H Rao."

The recommendation by the Supreme Court of India to find alternative alignment in the proceedings related to the Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project and order by the Court to set up an expert committee to consider this alternate project is a defeat of Dravida Munnetra Kazagam, led by Mr. Karunanidhi and his supporters including Sonia Gandhi. It is thus an indication of the fact that the Hindu revival is on hand," Dr. Subramanian Swamy said in a public meeting held in his honor at the Hindu Temple, Lemont last week.

Ramasethu, according to Ramayana is believed to have been constructed by the army commandeered by Sugreeva, King of Kishkinda in order to help Rama find his consort Sita, who was abducted by Ravana, king of Lanka. The Story, as written by Valmiki goes back to nearly 9000 years as per the studies in recent years. Recent satellite photos show an amazing man-made construction submerged under the seawater from Dhanushkodi, India and Sri Lanka.

The anti-Hindu forces led by DMK under the leadership of Karunanidhi, supported by Sonia Gandhi, a staunch Roman Catholic and President of Congress Party in recent years have been trying to destroy the Rama Sethu under pretext of shipping and economic development.

Dr. Swamy, however, opposed the destruction of this sacred symbol of Hindu unity by his legal action. By mobilization and mass movement, he stopped the Rama Sethu destruction.

Rama is revered and adored by the Hindus all over the world. His life and valorous deeds are narrated in Ramayana, written by Sage Valmiki, who is claimed to be a contemporary of Rama. He was an eye-witness to the events of construction of the Sethu and rescue of his wife Sita.

"Dr.Swamy giving the book to Dr.Bharat Barai as Dr. Kalyanaraman looks on."

Dr. Swamy, who is championing the cause of saving Ramasethu from the zealous opponents who were bent upon destroying one of the holiest sites of Hindu Dharma urged the "Virat" Hindu Society to come out of its slumber, throw away the shackles tying them to memories of millennia of oppression and centuries of wrong education and misrepresentation of Hindu history and traditions by constantly denigrating our culture and belittling the Hindu literature and scriptures. He pleaded the leaders and the people alike to change their mindset, which essentially developed in the environments of fear, wrong education and misrepresentations. He reminded Hindus to unite and save their ancient heritage, culture and literature, rather the very upcoming generations from becoming victims of falsehood, fear and inducements.

The only answer is self-awareness, self-respect and will to resist temptations and make right choices. He urged to discern right issues and make right decisions about the political choices. Therefore he said it is very important for Hindus to realize the importance of building a strong political platform and exercise their voting power as a block on principles rather than parties.

The Rama Sethu incident, he felt would turn out to be the catalyst to achieve success in many more issues of importance to Hindu society. He suggested in the event of indecision or confusion "you should seek the counsel of Hindu Acharya Sabha, which is spearheading the cause of Hindu Unity to ensure that democracy, secularism and harmony will continue to flourish in our country." In order to meet these objectives however, he emphasized that the Hindus must change their mindset of defeatism. "You were told in our history books and by our intellectual community nurtured with the pseudo secular studies and twisted history written by British imperialists and their cronies that India was invaded, Hindus were beaten and vanquished but the truth is otherwise. Check up the history of Iran, Iraq, Egypt and even Indonesia. You will see that within a generation these countries were subjugated and became 100 percent Islamic or Christian if you take Europe or South America. But even after 800 years of Islamic rule and nearly two hundred years of British rule, Bharat remains over 80% Hindu. If only you are united, you will have political, economic and social dominance and in keeping with the tradition of over 5000 years continue to live as a multi-cultural and religious community at large," he said with conviction.

One other issue the Ramsethu controversy clearly demonstrated the historicity of events of Ramayana. He emphasized that Ramayana is Itihasa, i.e. History. Valmiki, who wrote authoritatively about the construction, people and the battle, witnessed the whole incident. Valmiki was born in the area of present Andhra Pradesh and came to Rameshwaram to witness the breathtaking events leading to the building of the Sethu, crossing of the channel and vanquishing of Ravana for release of Sita by Rama and his army of aboriginal tribes. Therefore the site is a man made bridge. According to Supreme Court case laws, any object however trivial if regarded as sacred by any class of persons would be protected under section 295 of Indian Penal Code. He cited the incident of Hazaratbal Mosque, Kashmir and a masjid near Calcutta Airport, protected from intrusions.

Dr. Swamy unequivocally asserted that not on religious grounds but also on the issues of national security including terrorism, piracy and armed robbery, the project has any defensible grounds of justification.

Studies also revealed adverse impact on environment, ecology and if one has to give serious thought to one the most import ingredients to produce energy, the country would lose most precious resource by erosion and loss of Thorium Monazite Sands, abundantly available around the Sethu.

According to Dr. Kalyanaraman, who had spoken earlier, India could lose energy equivalent to 389 years of power. He cautioned about yet another factor ignored by the proponents of the project, i.e. meteorological factors, such as cyclonic storms. The world has experienced a Tsunami recently and the possibility of its repetition is very much on the horizon. Historically the Rama Sethu has acted as a buffer against any serious threat and if it is destroyed there is a possibility of more serious occurrence of destruction. Dr. Swamy clearly elucidated the geography of Ram Sethu area and indicated how many alternative routes could be developed without destroying the Sethu. "I was opposing that which was directly cutting through the Sethu. I recommended building a container port and transport goods by railway system." He added that the goal of ill conceived DMK initiated and Sonia Gandhi supported project was destruction of Ram Sethu. He declared that not only the project was not cost effective but environmentally damaging and potentially encourages anti-national activities, as revealed in the 8000 plus page documents researched and recorded by Dr. Kalyanaraman.

Vemuri Subramaniam welcomed Dr. Swamy and Dr. Kalyanaraman and briefly explained the purpose of the meet as also the activities of Hindu Temple. Prasad Yalamanchi then introduced Dr. Swamy as an outstanding intellectual, scholar and seasoned politician whose is closely associated with Janata Party ever since its inception. Born in Chennai, Tamilnadu, he distinguished himself as a brilliant son of India having had the opportunity serve his country in many capacities. He was a three term Member of Parliament. He served as Commerce, Law and Justice Minister and later appointed as the Chairman of the Commission on International Trade. He has a doctorate in economics from Harvard University and continues to be a visiting professor at Harvard University. His distinguished career is highlighted by heroic struggle against Emergency in India, his efforts towards opening of Kailash-Mansarovar pilgrim route in Tibet and improvement of India’s relationship with China, India’s recognition of Israel, Economic Reforms and now championing the cause of Hindu Unity and Renaissance.

His crowning achievement, which will ever be remembered by the Virat Hindu Society, is "saving the Rama Sethu from destruction." In a press conference with the Chicago Indian American media he speculated that the coming elections in India would be much different, in that there would be as usual no single party would have majority but elections would be fought on the issues. Prime Minister will not come either from Congress of BJP but probably someone from the NDA nevertheless, he wondered.