You are here : Home Profiles Diploma for Honorary Professorship at the Ukraine State Chemical Technology University for Dr.Dayal Meshri

Dr. Meshri receives the Diploma for the appointment of as Honorary Professor of the Ukraine State Chemical Technology from the University Rector, Dr. Burmistr Michail Vasilievich.

Dr. Dayal Meshri is the President and CEO of Advance Research Chemicals, Inc., (ARC), a leading US chemical company, which produces all inorganic and organic specialty chemicals, inorganic fluorides and other chemical materials. Advance Research Chemicals provides new quality products with customer satisfaction to over 200 of Fortune 500 companies. He is well known around the world for modernizing laboratories, increasing yields and efficiency, and thus scaling up synthesis from laboratory to pilot plant.

Throughout his more than 40 years of research and business development experience in the multidisciplinary fields, Dr. Meshri has established multimillion dollars chemical markets.

Dr. Meshri receives the plaque of induction in the Hall of Fame of the University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho from President Timonthy White, University of Idaho.

Recently Dr. Meshri, as a member of the International Award Committee, was invited to attend the Henry Moissan Award Ceremony at Maison de la Chimie in Paris, France, as well as attend a special banquet at “Le Procope”, one of the most prominent French restaurants founded in 1686, the décor of which has been kept intact since then.

After the France award meeting, Dr. Meshri flew from Paris to Vienna to present a paper on High Energy devices at the 216th ECS (Electrochemical Society) Meeting. He then flew from Vienna, Austria to Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine to receive a Diploma for Honorary Professorship at the Ukraine State Chemical Technology University and was invited to visit a very prominent Ukrainian (Russian) Space Research Institute, “Yuzhnoye” which builds launching platforms for space rockets in the USA, as well as for other countries, including India. Dr. Meshri was garlanded with flowers by Dr. Victor Frolov, Deputy Head of the Division, SLS Ground Infrastrukture in Dnepropetrovsk and then he was taken to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine to visit government and parliamentary offices, as well as to an island where he saw one of the world’s largest hydroelectric power plants and special centuries of old Ukrainian village.

Dr. Meshri’s grandchildren, daughters of Sanjay and Julie Meshri, proudly display the award plaque of Grandpa with the rest of the Meshri family.

After six days on his official visit to Ukraine, he went to Budapest, the capital of Hungary. He was a special guest of Eötvös Loránd University of Hungary. He was hosted by Prof. József Rábai and dozens of other Professors. He held several meetings with different departmental heads to discuss a variety of technical & research programs, was entertained for three days and then he flew to Romania’s capital, Bucharest.

In Bucharest he was invited by Dr. Josif Lingvay, the Scientific Secretary of the National Institute of Romania and the Romania University, The Institute Incdie ICPE-CA, which is heavily involved in research & development in Electrochemical Engineering. He was shown a prototype of a 100 KW hydrogen fuel cell, which was ready for public demonstration. These types of fuel cells can be installed into automobiles or used for generating electricity for private houses or a small-scale industry. This institute is very famous for developments in electrical engineering and is one of the top institutes in Europe.

From Bucharest he flew to Frankfurt to meet his old business associates and discussed new technologies for the materials needed by electrical automobiles. In 22 days he visited six countries of Europe and Ukraine.

Dr. Dayal T. Meshri started Advance Research Chemicals in 1987. ARC has become one of the largest Inorganic Fluoride Specialty Chemical Producers in the world. It started with approximately 3,000 square feet and now has over 100,000 square feet manufacturing facility in Oklahoma alone. ARC started with only two employees but currently has over 50 employees in Oklahoma. In addition to the US facilities, ARC has plants in Monterrey, Mexico and research and production facilities in both Mumbai and Hyderabad, India.

Dr. Meshri is well recognized as an expert industrial fluorine chemist all over the world and coordinates his research with associates in England, France, Georgia, Germany, India, Japan, Russia and Ukraine. He travels globally to deliver lectures to academic and industrial research institutes. He works closely with Oklahoma’s academic universities. Recently, he has been invited to join the faculty as Honorary Professor of the University in Dneproptrovsk, Ukraine to promote solar research and new polymers for fuel cells.