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Anand Dubey appointed as Alaska's CIO by Sarah Palin

Anand DubeyAnand Dubey, an Indian American has been appointed as chief information officer by Sarah Palin, the Republican Party's vice presidential candidate and Governor of Alaska. He has been holding this cabinet position since October 2007 in Alaska, a very white state, where Palin chose Dubey, born in India, for this important role.

Interestingly, four of the 51 state CIOs in America are Indian- Americans: Anand Dubey in Alaska, Gopal Khanna in Minnesota, Vivek Kundra in DC and Aneesh Chopra in Virginia.

Chris Dixon, manager for state and local industry analysis said Palin's record on IT was on par with other governors nationwide and gave her kudos for elevating the position of chief information officer during her tenure.

"Looking at the CIO, it's been a significant upgrade to the stature of the position," Dixon said. "Alaska has a CIO who can hold his own with anyone in the nation in terms of credentials." Anand Dubey was appointed director of enterprise technology services division for the State of Alaska and he manages a staff of 125 and is responsible for all of the network infrastructure and information technology services in Alaska. Before becoming CIO, he spent three years with the Alaska Railroad and also worked for British Petroleum.

"It used to be niche bureaucratic function, but the new CIO is finding new value and new savings," Dixon said. "Her administration has raised the CIO to that first tier in terms of what they're seeking to do." Dixon added that elevating the CIO is probably the single most important and distinctive IT move made by Palin during her short term as governor.

Dubey joined state service following impressive experience in effective, efficient systems design for hardware infrastructure, software applications and organizational structure. He spent three and a half years with the Alaska Railroad where he integrated multiple enterprise level systems (GIS, IBM AS 400 and web servers, etc.) to facilitate reporting, tracking and multiple cost-saving solutions. During his tenure with the Railroad, he also designed and implemented a Service Oriented Architecture, Data Warehouse and a work management solution — all key factors in enhancing corporate productivity. Prior to working with the Railroad, Dubey was employed by British Petroleum (BP) where he designed and developed a system that collected and disseminated fire and gas safety data for the British Petroleum (BP) infrastructure worldwide. He was also a key member of the team that merged, optimized and automated BP's corporate tax systems.

A successful entrepreneur in India, Dubey sought greater expertise in business systems and came to the US as a student. He enrolled in the graduate program at Alaska Pacific University. He served a year's internship with ACS where he was able to work in all facets of the telecommunication provider's business. His focus also included keen attention to the pressing public policy issues facing the telecommunications industry.

For Anand Dubey, "Leading ETS offers me the opportunity to bring all that I have learnt about systems – hardware, software and organizational – to work with a group of gifted public servants. I believe that the key to building value in the support for and provision of enterprise technology services is an able and agile customer-focused team committed to excellence. Together, we will endeavor to provide the best solutions for the greatest number of employees at the most efficient cost."

 Dubey's education includes a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Chemical Engineering from the MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India as well as a Master of Business Administration in Telecommunications Management from Alaska Pacific University.

 Governor Palin has held elective office for 13 years serving on city council and as a mayor prior to being the first woman elected as Governor of Alaska. She appointed two Indian Americans, Anand Dubey and Banarsi Lal to high ranking positions in her Administration after her 2006 election. Dubey serves as Director of the Enterprise Technology Services Division in the Department of Administration where he is responsible for all information technology services provided to Alaska state agencies. Lal, who was appointed to the Alaska Pioneers' Homes Advisory Council, serves as Chairman of the Alaska Commission on Aging and also serves on the Governor's Council on Disabilities and Special Education.