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An Artistic Magician:

Manick Sorcar He is a full time lighting engineer, a gifted artist, an award winning laserist, a world-class animator and a cartoonist – all at the same time! Manick Sorcar, son of the famous magician P C Sorcar dons all these hats with élan. Little wonder then that he has been honored with the publication of a book on his art titled – "World of Manick Sorcar Where Art Becomes Magic."

The new book comes very shortly after another on his life and work by an Indian American author. In the past few months, the "World of Manick Sorcar -where art becomes magic" has won critical acclaim, with many here praising the book as a long awaited recognition of Sorcar’s life and art.

Manick Sorcar with one of his awards and few of his animated friends

Sorcar has been able to seamlessly merge three different fields - science, fantasy and art "because of his sharp, analytical mind that understands the science behind every piece of art and his childlike imagination that knows no boundaries. Combine that with the magic in his genes, and that is the secret of his mindboggling creations," the author Roma Sur says.

A rare personality whose left brain works hand in hand with the right brain - one not dominating the other, Sorcar realized his flair and interest in lighting engineering while assisting his late father, the legendary magician P.C. Sorcar.

His fans seem to have been bowled over by the sheer range of his creations - from news clip collages to acrylic on tiles and brick slices, and art on peanuts and rice grains. Sorcar combines his passion for animation with his day job as an electrical engineer. Over the last two decades, his innovative lighting design has reached several countries through projects such as the Palace for Prince H.H. Faisal Bin Sultan in Saudi Arabia; Shinurayasu and Musashi-Koshugi in Japan, Denver International Airport and Colorado Convention Center, USA.

Sorcar’s custom laser shows are a unique blend of 2-D or 3- D animated laser figures along side spectacular laser light effects such as beams, over-head fanning, and tunnel effects with moving-head intelligent lighting. As an internationally award winning animator, Sorcar is able to custom design creative laser shows to fit any theme that may require complex animated laser figures along with various corporate logos and sponsor symbols. Over the past few years, his company has designed laser shows to fit almost any venue from art galleries, auditoriums, and corporate special events to many others.

Sorcar has developed a method of creating life size animated laser figures, which interact with human actors on stage. ‘Dancing with My Soul’ is the first laser animation that runs simultaneously with live dancing on stage through the technique called "Sorcarscope." The life size laser figure interacts with its human counterpart as they communicate and dance with each other through music. Since then he has created other items on similar techniques, which continues to push the limits of this technology.

Author Roma Sur with Manick Sorcar and his wife Shikha at the Tattered Cover Book Store
during the US release of the book"World of Manick Sorcar Where Art Becomes Magic".
It was a best seller in Non- Fiction book category at the Tattered Cover Book Store and is a hot seller in Amazon.

Sorcar, came to the U.S. in 1970, received full tuition scholarship and earned a master’s degree at the University Of Washington, Seattle. Earlier, he received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from BHU, Benares, India. A resident of Colorado, Sorcar is the CEO/President of Sorcar Engineering, Inc., the roots of which was Howard W. Butterweck and Company, where Sorcar was first employed. In two years he became the vice president, when the company re- incorporated in 1974, taking him as one of the principals and changing the company’s name to "Butterweck- Sorcar Engineering, Co." This was the same year when Sorcar married his wife, Shikha. After the death of Mr. Butterweck in 2000, the company’s name was changed to "Sorcar Engineering, Inc." of which he is the CEO/President.

Sorcar is the author of several texts on lighting design, which are published by renowned publishers. Rapid Lighting Design & Cost Estimating, McGraw-Hill, 1979, was selected as a ‘Book of the Month’ by the Architects’ Book Club; Energy Saving Lighting Systems, Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1983, a practical application oriented reference book; and Architectural Lighting for Commercial Interiors, John Wiley & Sons, 1987, is a popular design book which takes the impact of psychology, physiology, vision, and aesthetics in lighting design. The last two books have been in use as a text for Architectural Engineering at several universities for undergraduate courses including at the University of Colorado, Boulder and Penn State University, Pennsylvania, USA.

Sorcar is also an accomplished cartoonist. He draws cartoons for several newspapers and magazines, and is the author of "The Melting Pot: Indians in America", and "Spices in the Melting Pot" - two popular books of cartoons dealing with the life style of Asian Indians trying to assimilate with the main stream in USA.

How does he find time to do all these? "Creating miracle is my birthright!" he says smiling, "during the day I’m an engineer, at night I’m an artist, animator. I’m a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde except that I really need Mr. Hyde’s work to make it through another day as Jekyll. Hyde charges my batteries". But isn’t it tiring? "It is so fulfilling, there is no time to be tired. Animation is the best medium to attract and communicate with children of any age - it has no language barrier. And Laser is the cutting-edge technology. Through these I can take the children to India and teach them of the culture and fairy tale of another land – what can be more fulfilling than that?"

Wellington Webb, a former mayor of Denver, Colorado, where Sorcar resides noted his "unparallel contribution to the skyline of Denver."

Colorado governor Bill Ritter: "The world of Manick Sorcar is a compelling one of versatility and triumph and represents the true entrepreneurial spirit of the West."

"In the world of laser displays, there are many producers and few artists," said Patrick Murphy of the International Laser Display Association, adding, "He blends the technical skill to wrangle insubstantial light photons and the artistic skill to create sublime drawings."