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'Our annual business will cross $4 billion'
Dhimant Trivedi, head of US Operations, Bank of Baroda

Dhimant Trivedi, Chief Executive, Bank of Baroda's US Operations

Mr. Dhimant Trivedi joined Bank of Baroda in India on March 3, 1978. He is a Commerce Graduate and also has Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and a Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers.

In his banking career of 32 years, Mr. Trivedi has shouldered many responsibilities such as Manager (Credit) in various branches in India, Manager (IT) in the Bank's Head Office, Branch Head of various branches in India, including the International Business Branch and Nariman Point Branch in Mumbai. Mr. Trivedi also worked in Bank of Baroda's London Office.

Mr. Trivedi has worked in the Bank's Corporate Office in Mumbai in various capacities as Chief Manager, Assistant General Manager and Deputy General Manager in its International Division. During his tenure at Corporate Office, he has visited various international centers where the Bank has branches / subsidiaries.

At present, Mr. Trivedi is posted as Chief Executive of the Bank's US operations since September 24, 2010. Mr. Trivedi has been appointed as Chairman of the Board on the Bank's Subsidiary at Guyana and Director on the Board of Subsidiary at Trinidad & Tobago.

Excerpts from his interview with NRI Today:
Q. When did you join the New York Branch? Where were you posted before?
Mr. Dhimant Trivedi: I took the charge of US Territory on 24th September, 2010. Prior to coming here, I was working in the Bank's Corporate office as a Deputy General Manager looking after the international operations of the Bank.

Q. How many branches Bank of Baroda has in America besides the one in New York?
Mr. Trivedi: We have only one branch in the USA.

Q. Your customers/clients here are mainly Indians or a mixed lot?
Mr. Trivedi: We are an Indian Bank, doing the Whole Sale banking business. We are not in the Retail segment and our clientele is mainly Indians / persons of Indian Origin. However, we are serving to the local population also through CRA schemes,etc.

Q. NRIs mainly need to transfer money to India, and occasionally get it remitted here from India. What is the least cumbersome way for doing the same?
Mr. Trivedi: NRIs may remit their funds to India through Banking Channel. They may remit funds to India through their Bank or they may contact us for the same. The Paper formality is very little and if they have an account with Bank of Baroda, the funds may be credited in the account the very next day.

Q. On your website, you have emphasized the growing Indo-US trade, so are you getting a majority of clients needing services in that regard? What is the broad break up of your clients/customers here?
Mr. Trivedi: As the Dollar is the major settlement currency in the International Trade, one of our major activity is handling the funds transfer from / to USA / India. Majority of our clients are engaged in trade/service/manufacturing activities.

Q. What is the overall annual business generated by your New York branch.
Mr. Trivedi: We shall be endeavoring to cross $ 4 bn.

Q. What new products/services can your patrons expect from Bank of Baroda?
Mr. Trivedi: We are endeavoring to establish On Line banking for our customers in near future.

Q. How do you like living in America?
Mr. Trivedi: New York being a true Metro city, it is really very exciting living here. You are in the world's Financial Capital and to work as a Banker here, in itself, may be a great achievement for any person.

Q. Your perceptions of the Indian American community and what future holds for them?
Mr. Trivedi: Indian American Community has mixed itself here well and is excelling in every walk of life. I see a very bright and fulfilling future for our community here.